• In August 2012

    In August 2012 the culinary scene in Giessen was taken to new heights. In 2013 hospitality was re-invented in Giessen. Look forward to experiencing the Hotel heyligenstaedt.

  • When Louis Heyligenstaedt established his machine tool works on this very spot back in 1876, precision and quality were his most important values.

  • And they still are for us today. After all, perfect gastronomy can only be achieved if everything is in harmony, and only the best is good enough.

  • We regard it as our ongoing mission to uphold the traditions of Louis Heyligenstaedt, and so to maintain those values which have been put into practice on this site for over 100 years.

  • What began back in 1886

    What began back in 1886 was refined to perfection in 2012. When history and good taste come together, the result is a masterwork.

  • Cooking in a historical setting

    Cooking in a historical setting inevitably creates historic food. Style was yesterday. Ambience is today. Heyligenstaedt is now.

  • A renovation

    A renovation carried out with a love of detail – a cuisine with a love of the extraordinary. Ultimately, something truly historic which tastes great too.

  • This is how it all began

    This is how it all began, with demolition and rebuilding.

  • The hotel entrance

    The hotel entrance still supported by jacks.

  • staircase

    The old staircase.

  • old brickwork

    The old brickwork, subsequently just reconditioned.