The Josper Grill

Experience the new and unmistakable pleasure from our Josper Grill, which has recently moved into our kitchen.

The raw meat hisses audibly as it touches the grid over the glowing hot coals. The front door of the Josper Grill is closed so that the meat can continue to fry gently in a concentrated all-round heat of up to 350 degrees.

Based on the traditional Spanish art of grilling, the Josper Grill offers a unique taste experience for a demanding target group. The innovative combination of indoor grill and oven unites apparent opposites: Juicy tenderness paired with very special smoke flavours.

Chef de cuisine Markus Leidner spoils you exclusively at heyligenstaedt with unique creations from the Josper Grill.



Round Table | 45 qm | up to 16 persons


Heyco | 95qm | up to 60 persons | separable


Alte Gießerei | 230 qm | up to 200 Pers. standing reception | up to 150 Pers. seated